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Cynthia Clarke

Hi!  Welcome to my website!

(  At present, this site is a wok in progress as I work through the pages. Please bare with me.)

I live in Alberta, Canada at a lake just east of Edmonton.  Since retiring, I have had time to spend on my lifelong passion - watercolor. I am an active member of the Art Society of Strathcona County in Sherwood Park and the Society of Western Canadian Artists in Edmonton.  I also go to many workshops, travelling near or far and wide to learn from artists I admire​ and wish to learn from.  I have been very fortunate to have a very supportive and loving husband who has encouraged me throughout the years to pursue and improve my skills in painting.   Family and friends  have also given me encouragement which has really helped in building my confidence and ability to keep painting and finding my own 'signature' or style of painting.  

As I finish new paintings, I will be adding them to my website for you to  view and comment on.  If you are interested in purchasing one, we can discuss payment and delivery.  Many paintings were started pleine aire but were finished in the studio.  Since I take many photos in my travels I have a lot of material to work from as I skim through them and decide which one I'd like to paint next.  I've been so fortunate to experience and see first hand, just how diverse and beautiful the different parts of the world are, that I have visited.

Cynthia Clarke

My latest trip was to Lake Como and Venice, in Italy -  September  2018.  

I will include some paintings from that trip as well as some photos.  

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