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On my trip to Scotland and Ireland in May ​2017, I visited the Transportation Museum in Glasgow.  ​One of the best ! The reflection on the glass outside the Museum needed to be painted, thus, this is my take.  This painting is a quarter sheet painted in watercolour and ink.  The image shown here is not as wide as the painting actually is.

This is another part of "The River" along Hwy. 111 from Palm Springs to Palm Dessert.  Again, the painting is on its side to show more of the painting than if it were turned right side, up.  Too much is cropped if I did it that way.

MacRoom Castle in the town of MacRoom, Ireland.​ 

 (The top part of the painting.  Bottom part is below.)

Another beautiful scene while driving from Kinsale, near Cork, to Killarney, in Ireland

MacRoom Castle​ - Lower portion of painting.

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“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

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